Sell a boat is not an easy task…

How to sell your boat quickly and painlessly.

If you’re in a position where you are having to sell your boat, the process is probably feeling really daunting. You’ll have to prepare the boat to make it pristine, you have to write a listing, advertise it and then show endless people around it, while they look it over under a microscope.

If this sounds familiar, fear not – we’re on board to help you get your boat sold with as minimal disruption as possible.

Scrub the decks!

The first thing you need to do before listing your boat it to clean it. This means more than a quick wipe down of surfaces. You need to have a clean and shiny boat so it looks better for potential buyers. If you were looking at pictures of a boat and it was filthy, you’d probably not even bother with it. People looking at your boat will think the same, so make sure it’s nice and clean.

Giving your boat a really good clean will not only attract more potential buyers, but will help to sell it faster.

Advertise it right

There are many ways that you can advertise your boat – from placing ads in local papers, to online sites like Gumtree to mooring your boat in an easy to see spot with a sign out front. Or you could try all of the above. Most people look online these days, so having an ad online is probably your best bet, but if your boat is in a well-travelled or high tourist spot then you may do well with having a sign next to the boat for people to see.

Show it off

As well as choosing how to advertise it, you need to decide the best words and pictures to show your boat off. Make sure you have good, clear pictures of the boat – the more the better. People like to see everything before they come out to have a look so try to get a picture of every angle. Also important is making sure you take pictures of any cracks or damage so that people won’t be surprised when they come to see it. You can also use video to help list your boat, as you will be able to get lots of different angles.

In the written portion of the listing, make sure you are completely honest about the condition of the boat. This way you won’t get people coming to see the boat and end up not being interested because there is damage that they didn’t know about. Be honest, but be complimentary. List the reasons that you personally loved the boat – people love a personal touch. List all of the great features of the boat and include any extras. Make sure to include any repairs or work you’ve had done to it so people feel like they know the boat before they even go to see it.