If you are looking for a solution to get rid of the marine biofouling and how to careen your boat, you are reading the right article!



Sea environment is full of organisms which can attack your boat hull and damaged it. Bacteria, seaweed, mollusks and other marine organisms cling to the hull and form marine fouling. This curse has important impact on yachting; weighs down the boat, reduces the speed, increases the fuel consumption as well as the risk of corrosion.


Careening step by step

That’s not what you want for your yacht that you like pamper! Don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips to careen effectively your boat.

Fighting against marine biofouling is not something new, our ancestors had seized the question and used copper nails or tar coatings. Today, the methods have evolved and you can find many solutions for hull maintenance.

We recommend careening once a year your boat after a downtime period. No need to be an expert to complete this mission successfully!


1st Day: The Cleaning

First, dress your outfit, a good pair of boots and an oilskin will be your best allies! Pull your boat out of water, the submerged area of the hull must be completely outside. Use a high-pressure water jet to clean the hull, you must be careful about the pressure intensity, it would be a pity to damage the gelcoat…

For the marine organisms very well hung to the hull, take the drastic steps, use the squeegee, scrub and finally get rid of the marine biofoulings. Then sand to smooth the surface.

The propeller and the propeller shaft must be cleaned as well, scrub and sand just like you did for the hull.


2nd Day: Antifouling Paint Application

Once completely dry, the underside is finally ready to receive the antifouling paint. We recommend using a primer for improved adhesion. Choose your antifouling adapted to your boat and water in which it sails. For motorboat, sailing boat or speedboat with wooden or steel hull use the Antifouling Matrice Dure STELLASPEED” by CASTELLANO. For seasonal motorboat or sailing boat, use the Antifouling Saisonnier EVOLUTION by CASTELLANO.


Enjoy your boat ride!