A yacht is considered as the most luxurious valuable you can own. It’s a wealth and prosperity symbol. The yacht owners invest in innovative technologies and luxurious equipment to have the most expensive, beautiful and extravagant boat of the harbor.

What is a luxury yacht?

A luxury yacht is a kind of yacht, we give this name to ships measuring more than 50m long and endowed with an extreme comfort. The price of these ships varies according to their interior design, motorization and their size. The size will determine if we are talking about a super, mega or giga yacht! These specific boats are big enough to house impressive leisure equipment like cinema, gym, spa… The luxury boats are usually motorized but there are some very high-end sailing models. The number of these very high value boats is increasing and we can enjoy the parade of the luxury yacht in the marina. Most of them are owned by billionaires, they own one or more! But some of these luxury ships are available for rent.

Custom designed boats

The luxury yachts are designed and built to meet and satisfy the requirements of their owners who spend a considerable sum for this purchase. The indoor must be as (or more) breath-taking as the outdoor of the boat. The interior decoration trend has gone beyond the houses, the yacht owners are increasingly calling on these specialists.

The biggest names of interior design have associated their images to prestigious boats. Nothing is left to chance, materials used, arrangement, furniture… everything is carefully chosen. On shipboard, functionality and aesthetics are combined to make life easier for passengers.

Welcome aboard the most luxurious yachts


AZZAM, the most luxury and the largest super-yacht of the world!
Many features characterize this boat. The first one is the size, 180 meters that makes it the largest ever. Then, this boat is the fastest of the world (it can reach a 33-knot speed) and can navigate in shallow waters. This giant of the sea is owned by Sheikh Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyane, president of the United Arab Emirates.


ECLIPSE, the 2nd largest in the world!
Eclipse belongs to Roman Abramovitch, a Russian billionaire and measures 162,5m. This luxury ship is available for rent but no information has been revealed regarding the features, just like AZZAM ship! We assume it would have some assets like submarines, bulletproof windows, a swimming pool, a nightclub… and many other features unknown!