Ranger Tugs is all-American company with strong family values. The company understands how important the time aboard is for the families.Based on that feeling, Ranger Tugs creates the boats every family needs. Established in 1958, Ranger Tugs started as a business that designed boats for other companies.

Through the years, Ranger Tugs perfected several models. The founder claims that everyone in the world that enjoys to sail has been in one of his boat at least once. Committed to high quality and performance, Ranger Tugs started manufacturing their own boats. The company works on a model at the time, they pay special attention to detail. Ranger Tugs’ goals is to provide a lasting and strong product that all the family can enjoy.

In 2018, Ranger Tugs is proud to introduce the Ranger Tugs R-27.

Basic Information

  • Length of Hull: 27′ 0″
  • Length Overall (w/swim step): 31′ 4″
  • Beam: 8′ 6″
  • Draft (down): 33″
  • Weight, Dry: 7,000 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 150 U.S. Gal
  • Water Capacity: 40 U.S. Gal
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 30 U.S. Gal
  • Bridge Clearance (mast down): 8′ 1″
  • Height on trailer: 11′ 5″

Straight Out Of The Factory

Manufacturers often promise that their products are ready to sail but it is fake advertising. Ranger Tugs is fully aware that families do not have any time to waste. Keeping that in mind, they created a boat that is ready to hit the water straight out of the factory.

A great boat needs a great motor. Ranger Tugs picked the Yamaha F300 outboard motor as the perfect companion for the Ranger Tugs R-27. This is a popular and powerful motor ideal for family boats. Speed won’t be an issue with the Yamaha F300.

Family Boat

Sailing is a family activity. Parents introduce their children to the wonders of the sea at a young age. As the families expand, they need more space and fishing boats are not particularly spacious. The R-27 was designed to fit the entire family without a problem.

Enjoy the sun and wind sitting in the spacious cockpit. Or sit on the bow and enjoy the double lounge seat. The multifunctional berth can turn into a table where all the family can share a meal. Said meal can be cooked on the removable Kenyon grill or the galley.

The storage space is enough to fit all the items necessary to enjoy the day. Stay hydrated and fresh with a nice cold drink, keep it inside the mini fridge. The R-27 has multiple sinks and a full bathroom. Sailing with children will be particularly comfortable inside the R-27. The berth can turn into a playroom for them at any point.

The R-27 is a beautiful boat that will attract the attention on the dock. It is a big boat but it can fit on a trailer. This is an advantage for people that may go to different coasts. The R-27 is worth it of the attention and praises.