Owning a boat is a very expensive investment, to make it profitable, put it in rent when you do not use it! For that, entrust it to an agency, it’s more convenient.


The benefits of renting your boat

You like to sail and that’s why you bought a boat…However, you do not sail all the time and your boat generates important fees: port location, maintenance. Renting your boat to other yachtsman will allow you to cover these expenses and enjoy your passion with peace of mind. Just rent it for periods when you are not using it.


Nevertheless, you think it’s too difficult to manage this rental. Indeed, announcements, meeting potential customers, presenting the boat, restoration after each use… All this is a full-time job. But solutions still exist!


Resort to an agency

It’s an ideal solution to rent your boat. The agency will look after the customers, manage all the sales activity related to the rental but also the stewardship and technical monitoring of your property. In addition, many agencies even offer guaranteed mooring location for the duration of the management. It’s simple, no?



Entrusting the rental management to your agency not only provides you with a significant additional income, but also saves you from a lot of concerns related to maintaining your boat while ensuring its availability when you need it.

So, do not hesitate anymore!